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One of the Primary Documents is linked below.  It is named
California Statewide Communities Development Authority
Kaiser Permanente Revenue Bonds
It is unnecessary to place all the Bond Offerings online as they all say the say the same thing.
Specific pages in the above document that should be of interest to all members of the public:
Document Pages 3, 9 – 10, 13 – 30, 33 – 39,  Appensix A – Financial Satements
PDF pages  9, 15 – 16, 19 – 37, 39 –  45,

Section 19 of  KAISER PERMANENTE THE UNAUTHORIZED TOUR AND DOCUMENT SUMMARY pretty much explains what they are doing. Section 19 is copied below for your ease of reading.
© C. Phillips and V. Travis 2006
(Permission Granted to Copy if – C. Phillips – contact information: Cphil49401@aol.com
is notified and told of probable distribution and this front page is used each time to protect the copyright)

Section 19 –
California Helps Kaiser Float $3 Billion in Bonds;

One of Kaiser’s ways to raise investment capital is through the selling of bonds.
Kaiser normally floats about $3 billion in such bonds. Here the state of California acts as
another rich uncle. Kaiser reinvests the money in higher yielding entities and thus makes money off of the California citizens. This is one reason Kaiser likes California.

A. The bonds are often called “Kaiser Permanente” bonds but in fine print only
obligate the Hospitals cash flow to repayment; so calling them “Kaiser
Permanente” bonds is another fraud of its own this time involving New York banks.

B. Kaiser Permanente is called “non-profit” in their booklet which is mail fraud as these
booklets are mailed around the country; [mail fraud was the key solution in the book
and movie ‘The Firm’ to putting a stop to a rich and ruthless group of attorneys.]

C. The docs are not touched if the bonds fail, nor their golden retirements; so Permanente really has nothing to do with it but be part of the label bait for seniors who have $25,000 to buy in;

D. The Fitch company of New York rates Kaiser and allows the “non-profit” myth of
KP to come out with their ratings; they are open to suit in my opinion for this fraud
and have been carefully warned in writing
(See letter on KaiserPapers.org);

E. In the bond booklets – which are free – Kaiser outlines all the possible problems
that may occur – fraud rulings, IRS rulings, etc.; this is a good place to look for Kaiser’s
vulnerabilities, which are many.

F. Kaiser issues its previous year profit prediction in about February of the next
year in order to prepare for the New York City auctions that will take place in about
March of each year.

In California the Kaiser Plan loans Permanente money to donate to the governor. A consumer
group caught this and complained. The state was supposed to look into this after the complaint;
silence followed.

At Kaiser Christmas parties for local politicians, TVs are often given out as special door prizes
(Hanford California 2004). Kaiser can only exist if the government gives its support or fails to
regulate the HMO. The TV gift monies come from patient premiums meant for health care.